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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

in Management Technology

Course highlights

    > Development of intellectual abilities and key transferrable research skills, such as how to ask pertinent questions, how to think critically and scientifically, how to pursue for new knowledge through methodological investigation, and how to differentiate information for truth.


        > An opportunity to pursue a topic of your interest in depth.

Throughout your three years of study, you have an opportunity to immerse yourself in a subject which you are passionate about. In the beginning, you plan with your supervisor your topic of research, line of investigation and research schedule. You will learn how to acquire the necessary knowledge, through either self-study or the appropriate courses available within the University, or a combination thereof. You will be trained up to the level that you can undertake your research independently under supervision.  Your topic of research determines the nature of your work, and this could lead to you carrying out experiments, surveys, analysis or even spending time abroad gathering information!

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